5 Questions: I Wanna Be Elected

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What was the first name of William Drinkwater's feisty daughter on TV's The Governor and JJ?
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Which of the following celebrity politicians served as the Mayor of Palm Springs, California?
Clint Eastwood
Fred Grandy
Jerry Springer
Sonny Bono
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Who was Senator Edward Kennedy's passenger when he drove his car off a bridge while leaving Chappaquiddick Island?
Megan Marshack
Mandy Rice Davies
Mary Jo Kopechne
Mary Cunningham
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What song by Canadian band Sheriff hit Number One in the U.S. four years after the group broke up?
When I'm with You
What about Me
When I See You Smile
What You Don't Know
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What comedic actor was Texaco's Fire Chief and served as celebrity pitchman for the oil company?
Red Skelton
Jimmy Durante
Ed Wynn
Fred Allen