5 Questions: Indiana Cities

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The name "Gary" reached its peak in popularity for newborns in the US after actor Gary Cooper won a Best Actor Oscar for what film?
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town
The Pride of the Yankees
Friendly Persuasion
High Noon
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Which U.S. president did Darrell Hammond impersonate most often during his tenure on TV's Saturday Night Live?
Bill Clinton
Jimmy Carter
Ronald Reagan
George W. Bush
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Mount Carmel is located closest to which body of water?
Pacific Ocean
Mediterranean Sea
Indian Ocean
North Sea
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The initial "L" stands for "Lafayette" in which of the following names?
L. Frank Baum
Samuel L. Jackson
L. Ron Hubbard
H.L. Mencken
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Which comic book character is mentioned in avant garde artist Laurie Anderson's biggest-selling single to date?