5 Questions: This is Your Brain on Drugs

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What actor was nominated for an Emmy for his villainous role in the "Hi Diddle Riddle/Smack in the Middle" episodes of Batman?
Frank Gorshin
Burgess Meredith
Cesar Romero
Victor Buono
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Maoist revolutionary Pol Pot served as the prime minister of what country from 1976 to 1979?
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Which of the following acid rock bands did NOT hail from San Francisco?
Blue Cheer
Ultimate Spinach
Quicksilver Messenger Service
New Riders of the Purple Sage
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In what film did Lauren Bacall teach Humphrey Bogart how to whistle by saying "you just put your lips together and...blow"?
Dark Passage
To Have and Have Not
The Big Sleep
Key Largo
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Mary Jane Watson was once married to the alter ego of what superhero?
Iron Man
Green Hornet