5 Questions: Here, Kitty, Kitty

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Kittly Carlisle was a regular panelist on what TV game show?
The Name's the Same
To Tell the Truth
Hollywood Squares
I've Got a Secret
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With whom did Kitty Wells duet in 1954 on her Number One country hit "One by One"?
Roy Acuff
Eddy Arnold
Red Foley
Ernest Tubb
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What is the surname of the Japanese bobtail cat known as Hello Kitty?
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The 1964 murder of Kitty Genovese outside of her Queens, NY, apartment prompted a study into what social psychological phenomenon?
Confirmation bias
Cognitive dissonance
Self-fulfilling prophecy
Bystander effect
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Kitty Hawk, the site of the Wright Brothers' first airplane flight, is located in which U.S. state?
West Virginia
North Carolina