5 Questions: Round Robin

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The late Robin Gibb had a solo Top 20 hit single in the US with a cover version of what Beatles song?
Come Together
Oh! Darling
Maxwell's Silver Hammer
Octopus' Garden
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Actress Robin Givens was once married to what professional boxer for a little over a year?
Thomas Hearns
Marvin Hagler
Mike Tyson
Leon Spinks
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Who was Robin Williams' co-star on the TV sitcom Mork and Mindy?
Marilu Henner
Pam Dawber
Diana Canova
Jan Smithers
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Who played the leader of the Merry Men in the 1993 film Robin Hood: Men in Tights?
Cary Elwes
Kevin Costner
John Cleese
Patrick Bergin
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Robin Trower was the guitarist and vocalist for what band during the 1960s?
Procol Harum
King Crimson