5 Questions: RIP Richard Dawson

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The iconic Hatfield-McCoy family feud began in 1878 thanks to a dispute about what?
Ownership of a pig
An unmarried pregnant daughter
An illegal still
Water rights
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What rapper popularized the Running Man dance move in the late 1980s?
Tone Loc
Sir Mix-A-Lot
MC Hammer
Young MC
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Retired General Colin Powell served as Secretary of State under which U.S. President?
Jimmy Carter
George W. Bush
Ronald Reagan
Bill Clinton
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One of British bombshell Diana Dors' final appearances was in a 1980 music video by what New Wave group?
Bow Wow Wow
Human League
Talking Heads
Adam and the Ants
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Which of the following was NOT a frequently-mentioned character on TV's Match Game?
Ugly Edna
Dumb Dora
Topsy Turvy
Old Man Periwinkle