5 Questions: A "Move"-ing Quiz

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What Number One hit for Carole King originally started out as the B-side of "I Feel the Earth Move"?
It's Too Late
So Far Away
You've Got a Friend
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
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Who played big-rig trucker Sonny Pruitt on the 1970s TV series Movin' On?
Greg Evigan
Mac Davis
James Best
Claude Akins
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What author entitled his memoirs A Moveable Feast?
Arthur Miller
Ernest Hemingway
Mark Twain
F. Scott Fitzgerald
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Who ultimately took over the lead in the 1963 film Move Over, Darling after Marilyn Monroe's untimely death?
Claudette Colbert
Shirley MacLaine
Deborah Kerr
Doris Day
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Which of the following is the only chess piece that can move over other pieces?