A Vicious (Bi)Cycle

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Which of the following Western actors is mentioned in the lyrics of Queen's 1979 hit single "Bicycle Race"?
Glenn Ford
John Wayne
Randolph Scott
Tom Mix
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The Bike Athletic Company, headquartered in Atlanta, invented and patented which of the following pieces of sports equipment in 1874?
Baseball cleats
Protective helmet
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What former teen idol starred the the short-lived 1980 TV series Breaking Away, which was based on the film of the same name?
Shaun Cassidy
Leif Garrett
Scott Baio
Rex Smith
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In the 1985 film Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, the title character hitchhiked and hopped on a freight train in an effort to reach what iconic landmark in search of his stolen bicycle?
The Statue of Liberty
Niagara Falls
The Alamo
Hoover Dam
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Author H.A. Rey carried the manuscript of what classic children's book on his bicycle as he and his wife fled Paris in 1940 prior to the Nazi invasion?
Pippi Longstocking
Charlotte's Web
Curious George