Family Reunion Week: Mother

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According to the lyrics of Deep Purple's Top 5 hit single "Smoke on the Water", in what city were Frank Zappa and the Mothers (of Invention) performing when "some stupid with a flare gun" started a fire?
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The syndicated TV sitcom Mama's Family originated from a recurring sketch featured on what variety series?
The Flip Wilson Show
The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour
The Carol Burnett Show
Tony Orlando and Dawn
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What was the first name of the Macedonian-born woman who joined the convent at age 18 and eventually became known around the world as Mother Teresa?
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Golden Girls actress Estelle Getty co-starred with what action film hero in the 1992 movie comedy Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot?
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Bruce Willis
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Sylvester Stallone
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Before her husband became King George VI in 1936, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother held which of the following royal titles?
Princess of Wales
Duchess of Cornwall
Duchess of York
Countess of Snowdon