The Milky Way

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Who was the first missing child to have his or her photo featured on a milk carton (back in 1983)?
Jaycee Dugard
Etan Patz
Shawn Hornbeck
Adam Walsh
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What cartoon character traveled back in time to revisit important moments in history by using the Wayback Machine?
Tennessee Tuxedo
Commander McBragg
Mr. Peabody
Bullwinkle Moose
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Phillips' Milk of Magnesia is traditionally sold in bottles of what color?
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The candy bar known as Milky Way in the U.S. is sold under what name in the U.K. and elsewhere in the world?
Milkshake Bar
Zero Bar
Cadbury Flake
Mars Bar
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What artist's 1976 Top 10 single "Show Me the Way" was taken from his multi-platinum live album?
Gary Wright
Bob Seger
Peter Frampton
Steve Miller