Queen II

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What U.S. athlete had his seven-time bicycle race Tour de France championship wins revoked in 2012 due to doping offenses?
Michael Phelps
Lance Armstrong
Bruce Jenner
Michael Johnson
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What rapper hit the Number One spot on the Billboard Pop Chart in 1992 with his celebration of fat bottomed girls entitled "Baby Got Back"?
MC Hammer
Tone Loc
Young MC
Sir Mix-A-Lot
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Kate Middleton carried a bouquet made primarily of Lily-of-the-Valley flowers when she wed which member of Britain's Royal Family?
Prince Edward
Prince William
Prince Charles
Prince Harry
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What type of bird repeated the word "nevermore" in a famous poem by Edgar Allan Poe?
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What actor portrayed a U.S. Army corporal who became known as the great King Rat as the title character in a 1965 film while held prisoner in a Malaysian camp during World War II?
Omar Sharif
Lee Marvin
George Segal
Charles Bronson