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Which of the following nicknames did the media apply to Amy Fisher, who shot the wife of her much-older lover, Joey Buttafuoco, in 1992?
Long Island Lolita
Black Dahlia
Mayflower Madam
Lady in Red
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In 1976 the Ideal Toy Company released Joey Stivic, the first anatomically correct male doll, which was based on a character from what TV series?
The Waltons
All in the Family
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Sultry actress/dancer Joey Heatherton was the 1970s-era commercial spokesperson for which of the following products?
Muriel Cigars
Serta Mattresses
Noxema Shaving Cream
Ace Hardware Stores
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The tiny offspring of which of the following animals is called a "joey"?
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Which of the following "dance craze" songs was a Number One Billboard Hit Single in 1962 by Joey Dee and the Starliters?
Mashed Potato Time
Bristol Stomp
Peppermint Twist
The Stroll