Better With Age

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"Spill the Wine" was the first U.S. Billboard chart hit for what band, who later charted in the Top 5 with "Low Rider" and "The Cisco Kid"?
The O'Jays
Ohio Players
Kool & the Gang
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Authentic versions of which of the following types of cheese is made from the milk of a water buffalo?
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Which of the following famous works of art is a fresco painting by the Italian artist known as Michelangelo?
Mona Lisa
Girl with a Pearl Earring
The Last Supper
The Creation of Adam
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Musician Suzi Quatro played a character named Leather Tuscadero on what TV sitcom?
Barney Miller
Laverne & Shirley
Happy Days
Three's Company
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What model-turned-actress was just 15 years old when she appeared in a series of suggestive ads for Calvin Klein blue jeans?
Jodie Foster
Brooke Shields
Cybill Shepherd
Geena Davis