Leftover Cake

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Which of the following iconic residences has a so-called "Jungle Room" that is decorated with white fur rugs, overstuffed rhinestone-studded chairs and heavy red velvet draperies?
Hearst Castle
Mount Vernon
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Which of the following herbs or spices is NOT one of the flowering plants that is part of the same plant family as the carrot?
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What singer/songwriter had a Top 10 Billboard Pop Single in 1971 with "Coconut" ("she put the lime in the coconut, she drank 'em bot' up")?
Cat Stevens
Harry Nilsson
Van Morrison
James Taylor
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What late night talk show host referred to his audience as the "Dog Pound" because they "woofed" in appreciation when acknowledged from the stage?
Arsenio Hall
Dennis Miller
Magic Johnson
Jay Leno
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The Arabian Taster - a man clab in a floral robe and turban sipping a cup o' joe - was the logo for what brand of coffee from 1906 until 1990?
Chock Full o' Nuts
Chase & Sanborn
Hills Brothers
Maxwell House