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Which of the following people might wear a coronet?
Catholic bishop
Telephone lineman
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What game show emcee host quit hosting the Miss USA Pageant after 20 years when producers refused to stop awarding fur coats as prizes?
Bert Parks
Ron Ely
Bob Barker
Gary Collins
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What singer spelled out the word "bananas" several times in the lyrics of her 2004 platinum single "Hollaback Girl"?
Gwen Stefani
Alicia Keys
Britney Spears
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In what sci-fi film did Charlton Heston discover the remains of the Statue of Liberty on a beach?
2001: A Space Odyssey
Logan's Run
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Planet of the Apes
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What wine-sipping celebrity chef was the host of the early 1970s TV show The Galloping Gourmet?
Julia Child
Martin Yan
Graham Kerr
Chef Tell