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British singer Lulu had a Number One Billboard Pop Hit in 1967 with the theme to which of the following films?
The Graduate
To Sir with Love
Barefoot in the Park
Valley of the Dolls
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What nightclub owner shot accused John F. Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald in front of TV cameras while he was en route to prison?
James Earl Ray
Charles Whitman
Jack Ruby
George Hennard
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What was the name of the horse that was the loyal companion of singing cowboy Gene Autry in 79 films?
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In the classic children's story Pinocchio, what caused the wooden puppet's nose to grow?
Telling a lie
Playing with matches
Disobeying Geppetto
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What actor played Little Joe, the youngest Cartwright son, on the TV series Bonanza?
Pernell Roberts
Guy Williams
Michael Landon
Barry Coe