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Which of the following was the first licensed character to appear on a metal lunch box?
Hopalong Cassidy
Mickey Mouse
Roy Rogers
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What Beat Writer's 1959 novel The Naked Lunch was narrated by a junkie named William Lee?
Jack Kerouac
Neal Cassady
Allen Ginsberg
William S. Burroughs
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On what TV sitcom did the star open a restaurant called the Lanford Lunchbox, which specialized in loose meat sandwiches?
Perfect Strangers
Step by Step
Dear John
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What former U.S. President, after losing the election to Jimmy Carter, defended the businessman's three-martini lunch in 1978 by saying "Where else can you get an earful, a bellyful and a snootful"?
John F. Kennedy
Bill Clinton
Gerald Ford
Ronald Reagan
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Broadway legend Elaine Stritch made "The Ladies Who Lunch" her theme song after performing it in what Stephen Sondheim musical?
A Little Night Music
Sweeney Todd
Sunday in the Park with George