5 Questions: Stein or Steen?

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Whose "autobiography" did Gertrude Stein pen in 1933?
George Eliot
Fletcher Honorama
Beaver O'Lindy
Alice B. Toklas
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Bruce Springsteen won an Best Original Song Academy Award for a tune that he wrote for what film?
The Remains of the Day
In the Name of the Father
Schindler's List
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In 1903 the Steinway company gifted their 100,000th grand piano to what institution?
The White House
Buckingham Palace
Carnegie Hall
Sydney Opera House
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Mary Steenburgen co-starred with her real-life husband Ted Danson on what TV sitcom?
Good Sports
Back to You
Anything But Love
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What was the first name of Dr. Frankenstein, who created a grotesque monster in Mary Shelley's classic novel?