Happy "Ann"iversary

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Karen Ann Quinlan was famously used as a symbol for what controversial movement in the U.S.?
Stem cell therapy
Right to die
Surrogacy contracts
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Which of the following songs made famous by Broadway legend Ethel Merman was originally written for the Irving Berlin musical Annie Get Your Gun?
There's No Business Like Show Business
Everything's Coming Up Roses
I Got Rhythm
Anything Goes
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With whom did former Mouseketeer Annette Funicello star in a series of 1960s "beach" movies?
Tab Hunter
Rock Hudson
Bobby Rydell
Frankie Avalon
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Which of the following is the official title of Anne, the only daughter of England's Queen Elizabeth II?
Princess of Wales
Duchess of York
Princess Royal
Duchess of Cornwall
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What American poet described a maiden who lived in a kingdom by the sea in his last completed work, "Annabel Lee"?
Walt Whitman
Robert Frost
T.S. Eliot
Edgar Allan Poe