5 Questions: A Christmas "Carol"

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On what TV game show did Carol Merrill point at the prizes located behind doors and curtains?
The Price Is Right
The New Treasure Hunt
Let's Make a Deal
Sale of the Century
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Carol Channing won a Best Actress Tony Award for her role in what Broadway musical?
Sugar Babies
The Vamp
Hello, Dolly!
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Which of the following novels that were featured on Oprah's Book Club was written by Joyce Carol Oates?
We Were the Mulvaneys
The Good Earth
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
As I Lay Dying
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Carol Seaver, played by Tracey Gold, was the brainy middle sibling on what TV sitcom?
Family Ties
Full House
Growing Pains
Mr. Belvedere
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What singer had a Top 10 pop hit in 1958 with "Oh! Carol"?
Frankie Avalon
Neil Sedaka
Ricky Nelson
Pat Boone