Robin Hood

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What was the real name of the young man who became the ward of Bruce Wayne and later adopted the superhero persona of Robin, the Boy Wonder?
Tony Stark
Steve Rogers
Britt Reid
Dick Grayson
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In the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale, what type of animal impersonated the title character's grandmother in the story Little Red Riding Hood?
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Actress Robin Givens was once married to what heavyweight boxer, whose temper she described as "volatile", in a joint interview with Barbara Walters on the TV show 20/20?
Marvin Hagler
Thomas Hearns
Mike Tyson
Larry Holmes
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Which of the following kitchen appliances would MOST likely come equipped with a hood?
Garbage disposal
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What singer had a #2 Billboard Pop Hit Single in 1972 with a remake of the Bobby Day tune "Rockin' Robin"?
Donny Osmond
Rick Nelson
Michael Jackson
Tony DeFranco