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In May 2011 an F5 tornado killed 158 people when it struck the city of Joplin in what U.S. state?

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Actor Tab Hunter hit Number One on the Billboard Pop Chart in 1957 with what song?

Love Letters in the Sand
Teenage Crush
A Teenager's Romance
Young Love
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The all-time verified professional baseball record for career home runs is held by Sadaharu Oh, who played for what Japanese team?

Hiroshima Carp
Nippon Ham Fighters
Yomiuri Giants
Chunichi Dragons
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Bill Carter's best-selling book The Late Shift chronicled the behind-the-scenes politics involved when a replacement was being sought for what TV talk show host?

Johnny Carson 
Jack Paar
Arsenio Hall
Joan Rivers
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Casual clothing retailer Lands' End originally sold what type of products when it was founded in 1963?

Automobile parts
Sailboat equipment
Office supplies
Carpet and upholstery