A Fur Piece

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What actor was originally hired for the role of Marty McFly in Back to the Future, but was replaced after five weeks by Michael J. Fox?

Jason Bateman
Eric Stoltz
Timothy Hutton
Corey Feldman
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What tagline was used in the famous series of Richard Avedon ads for Blackglama Mink ads?

You never know where they'll turn up.
Because you're worth it.
Dreams take over.
What becomes a legend most?
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In Beatrix Potter's classic series of children's stories, Peter Rabbit wears a jacket and what other accessory?

Pocket watch
Top hat
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According to the epilogue of the film National Lampoon's Animal House, what did Eric "Otter" Stratton eventually become after graduation?

U.S. Senator
Public Defender
Sensitivity trainer
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Bucky Beaver was once the mascot for what brand of toothpaste?