5 Questions: Chop Shop

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What is the name of Lamb Chop's puppet canine pal on TV's Lamb Chop's Play-Along?

Mighty Manfred
Hush Puppy
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What is the name of the international organization of female barber shop harmony singers?

Pegs O' My Heart
Sweet Adelines
Coney Island Babies
Sweet Roses of Morn
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When chop suey is served over crispy fried noodles instead of rice it becomes what dish?

Lo mein
Chow mein
Moo shu
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What is the name of the Venus flytrap-like mutant plant in the 1986 film Little Shop of Horrors?

Audrey II
Li'l Dot
Hungry Hannah
Baby Peggy
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The Battle of Pork Chop HIll was fought during which war?

World War II
American Civil War