5 Questions: "Friday" the 13th

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What literary character had a personal assistant named "Friday"?

Robinson Crusoe
David Copperfield
Lemuel Gulliver
Atticus Finch
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Which of the following was NOT one of Sgt. Joe Friday's partners during either the radio or television run of Dragnet?

Ben Romero
Frank Smith
Pete Malloy
Bill Gannon
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Who was the wife of King Friday the 13th on the PBS series Mister Rogers' Neighborhood?

Queen Mildred Monday
Queen Sara Saturday
Queen Wendy Wednesday
Queen Felicia Friday
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The logo for the restaurant chain T.G.I.Friday's features what geometric pattern in red and white?

Diagonal stripes
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Who played Cary Grant's star reporter and ex-wife in the 1940 screwball comedy His Girl Friday?

Lucille Ball
Barbara Stanwyck
Rosalind Russell
Hedy Lamarr