5 Questions: Your "Whit"s About You

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What color is the traditional Whitman Sampler candy box?

Mint green
Dark brown
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Which character did wealthy belle Whitley Gilbert eventually marry on TV's A Different World?

Dwayne Wayne
Ron Johnson
Colonel Taylor
Walter Oakes
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What song did American singer Slim Whitman take to the top of the U.K. charts for an amazing 11 weeks?

Peggy Sue
Barbara Ann
Carrie Anne
Rose Marie
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Eli Whitney is best known for what Industrial Revolution-era invention?

Steam engine
Cotton gin
Seed drill
Blast furnace
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Whitman Mayo starred in the short-lived series Grady, which was a spinoff of what sitcom?

Good Times
Welcome Back, Kotter
Sanford and Son
The Jeffersons