5 Questions: "Break" Room

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The hard candy typically called a "jawbreaker" in the U.S. is known by what name in the U.K. and Australia?

Pint Pots
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What future teen heartthrob's first TV role was as a foster child on the Nell Carter sitcom Gimme a Break!?

Kirk Cameron
Corey Feldman
Luke Perry
Joey Lawrence
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What band's Breakfast in America album yielded the Top 10 single "The Logical Song"?

The Doobie Brothers
Little River Band
Electric Light Orchestra
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The phrase "breaker, breaker" is commonly used on what type of device to announce your transmission?

CB Radio
Ham Radio
Marine Radio
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Who portrayed FBI agent Johnny Utah, a rookie was investigating a string of bank robberies committed by surfers, in the 1991 film Point Break?

Lou Diamond Phillips
Johnny Depp
Keanu Reeves
Charlie Sheen