5 Questions: Late "Fee"

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What actress is credited with coining the phrase "feel the burn" via her series of exercise videos?

Jane Fonda
Heather Locklear
Carmen Electra
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In what 1986 horror film did a carnivorous plant cajole her owner to "Feed me, Seymour"?

The Fly
Night of the Creeps
April Fool's Day
Little Shop of Horrors
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What composer/jazz pianist had a hit in 1939 with "Your Feet's Too Big"?

Chubby Checker
Fats Waller
Slim Whitman
Fats Domino
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What was the name of Shirley Feeney's beloved stuffed cat plush toy on TV's Laverne & Shirley?

Boo Boo Kitty
Mrs. Beasley
Kitty Carry-All
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What Number One single by the Beatles begins with the sound of guitar feedback?

Day Tripper
Can't Buy Me Love
I Feel Fine
Hello Goodbye