We Are Cheerleaders!

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What singer/choreographer's cheerleader-filled music video helped to take "Mickey" to the Number One spot for one week in 1982?

Toni Basil
Kim Wilde
Irene Cara
Deniece Williams
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What was the name of the team that Cheri Oteri and Will Ferrell supported in their recurring cheerleader sketches on TV's Saturday Night Live?

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Which U.S. President was a cheerleader at West Point Academy (after a knee injury ended his football career)?

Richard Nixon
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Lyndon B. Johnson
Jimmy Carter
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What so-called "classic" porn film's plot centered on a character's desire to become a cheerleader for a professional football team?

Deep Throat
Flesh Gordon
The Devil in Miss Jones
Debbie Does Dallas
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Rita Wilson, who made her acting debut on the episode of The Brady Bunch where Greg elected her head cheerleader, is married to what Academy Award-winning actor?

Tom Hanks
William Hurt
Jeff Bridges
Matthew McConaughey