5 Questions: "Bug" Out

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Which of the following early MTV staples was a hit for the British New Wave duo The Buggles?

Brass in Pocket
Video Killed the Radio Star
Pop Muzik
Looking for Clues
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Vincent Bugliosi gained fame for being the prosecuting attorney on what famous criminal trial?

Charles Manson (Tate/LaBianca murders)
Bruno Hauptmann (Lindbergh kidnapping)
O.J. Simpson (Brown/Goldman murders)
Robert Blake (Bonnie Lee Bakley murder)
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What actor portrayed mobster Benjamin Siegel in the 1991 film drama Bugsy?

Anthony Hopkins
Dustin Hoffman
Robert DeNiro
Warren Beatty
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What item of clothing does cartoon character Bugs Bunny typically always wear?

Bow tie
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Which of the following was NOT a shaped snack cracker introduced by General Mills as a companion item to their still-available Bugles?