5 Questions: Try to "Bri"

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What actress portrayed Tulane University law student Darby Shaw in the 1993 film political thriller The Pelican Brief?

Andie MacDowell
Sela Ward
Demi Moore
Julia Roberts
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What group had a Top 5 hit in the U.S. in 1977 with the funk classic "Brick House"?

Rose Royce
The Commodores
The Sylvers
The Brothers Johnson
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Which of the following branches of the U.S. Military does NOT refer to their holding area-type jail as the "brig"?

Coast Guard
Air Force
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What brand of tea has been promoted as being "brisk" in both advertisements and product packaging since the 1940s?

Red Rose
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What actor was once ranked among the Top 50 contract bridge players in the world and co-wrote a syndicated newspaper column on the subject with Charles Goren?

Omar Sharif
Anthony Quinn
Yul Brynner
Charles Boyer