5 Questions: Age of Aquarium

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What TV character worked at the Slate Rock and Gravel Company?

Fred Flintstone
Archie Bunker
Chester A. Riley
George Lopez
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What professional tennis player died as a result of inhaling carbon monoxide produced by a faulty propane heater?

Althea Gibson
Vitas Gerulaitis
Maureen Connolly
Bobby Riggs
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What frequent game show panelist was married to playwright Moss Hart?

Arlene Francis
Peggy Cass
Dorothy Kilgallen
Kitty Carlisle
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Fern Arable is the only human who understands non-human conversation in what classic children's book?

Where the Wild Things Are
The Secret Garden
Charlotte's Web
The Giving Tree
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What actor won a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award for his role as a not-too-bright jewel thief in the 1988 film comedy A Fish Called Wanda?

Kevin Kline
Dennis Hopper
Tim Robbins
Charles Grodin