5 Questions: Heart

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Which of the following symbols is pictured within the logo for the American Heart Association (a trademark that dates back to 1924)?

Fleur de Lis
Cross of Lorraine
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Which of the following historic figures is NOT referred to in the lyrics of "Killer Queen", the breakout single from Queen's Sheer Heart Attack album?

William the Conqueror
Nikita Khruschev
Marie Antoinette
John F. Kennedy
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What actress gushed "You really like me!" when she accepted her Best Actress Academy Award for Places in the Heart?

Kathleen Turner
Mia Farrow
Sally Field
Sigourney Weaver
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Which of the following newlywed tourist destinations was the first to feature heart-shaped bathtubs (designed by Morris B. Wilkins) in its hotel rooms?

Niagara Falls
The Poconos
Las Vegas
Atlantic City
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What author of the best-selling The Complete Book of Running sadly died of a heart attack while jogging?

Jack LaLanne
Bob Greene
Jim Fixx
Robert Atkins