5 Questions: Drugstore

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In what U.S. state is the sprawling tourist attraction known as Wall Drug (where they still offer free ice water) located?

South Dakota
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What model-turned-actress costarred with Matt Dillon in the 1989 crime drama Drugstore Cowboy?

Kelly Lynch
Kelly Emberg
Kelly LeBrock
Kelly Preston
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According to Hollywood legend, what actress was discovered while sitting at the soda fountain at Schwab's Pharmacy?

Betty Grable
Ava Gardner
Lana Turner
Rita Hayworth
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Which of Sheriff Andy Taylor's various girlfriends on TV's The Andy Griffith Show was a pharmacist who worked for her uncle at the town's drugstore?

Helen Crump
Ellie Walker
Mary Simpson
Peggy McMillan
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Which of the following symbols is traditionally associated with a pharmacy?

Three gold balls suspended from a curved bar
Mortar and pestle
Square and compass