5 Questions: "Ad"vent

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What artist painted the iconic work known as The Creation of Adam?

Leonardo da Vinci
Vincent van Gogh
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In what film did a young Tatum O'Neal play a character named Addie Pray?

The Bad News Bears
Paper Moon
Little Darlings
International Velvet
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What is the meaning of the Latin phrase "ad hoc"?

Formed for a particular purpose
Let the buyer beware
In fact
For each person
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Where in the human body would you find the adenoids?

In the brain
In the inner ear
In the throat
In the wrist
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What artist's 1985 single "Addicted to Love" was one of the last 45 RPM records to receive a million-selling Gold certification from the RIAA?

George Michael
Paul Young
Robert Palmer
Phil Collins