5 Questions: Fly Me!

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In what song did Marilyn Monroe breathlessly purr that "a kiss on the hand may be quite continental"?

I Wanna Be Loved by You
Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend
Heat Wave
That Old Black Magic
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What actor did Delta Burke marry in 1989 after "connecting" with him when he guest-starred on her TV sitcom Designing Women?

Hal Holbrook
Scott Bakula
Ron Glass
Gerald McRaney
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Which of the following video arcade games was originally manufactured and sold by Taito in Japan and then licensed for production in the U.S. in 1978 by Midway Manufacturing?

Space Invaders
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What actor was attacked by a crop duster plane in a memorable scene in Alfred Hitchcock's 1959 thriller North by Northwest?

James Stewart
Gregory Peck
Cary Grant
Henry Fonda
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The African nation now called The Democratic Republic of the Congo was known by what name from 1971 until 1997?

Upper Volta