5 Questions: "Tia" Maria

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Bianca Perez-Mora Macias attended her nuptial ceremony to what "bad boy" rock and roll star clad in a white bosom-exposing Yves St. Laurent smoking jacket?

Ozzy Osbourne
Axl Rose
Mick Jagger
Jim Morrison
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What character on TV's The Big Bang Theory was the proud recipient of a tiara as a peace-offering gift, which made her "look like a princess!!"?

Amy Farrah Fowler
Leslie Winkle
Bernadette Rostenkowski
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Thanks to the Italian painter Titian and his preference for painting women with this particular attribute, we now associate Titian hair with which of the following?

Long sausage curls
Platinum blonde hair
Straight hair with bangs
Red hair
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Silversmith and Minuteman member Paul Revere famously alerted colonial militia to the approach of the British army prior to which of the following battles of the American Revolutionary War?

Siege of Yorktown
Battles of Saratoga
Battles of Lexington and Concord
Battle of Bunker Hill
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What type of martial art did Tom Laughlin use to vanquish his opponents as the title character in the 1971 film Billy Jack?