5 Questions: "Bon"nets

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Which of the following Major League Baseball Bonus Babies spent much of 1957 playing for the Chattanooga Lookouts minor league team?

Al Kaline
Sandy Koufax
Catfish Hunter
Harmon Killebrew
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Andrew Koenig (son of Star Trek actor Walter Koenig) played Mike Seaver's best friend "Boner" on what TV sitcom?

The Cosby Show
Growing Pains
Family Ties
Kate and Allie
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Which song from the Beatles' film soundtrack A Hard Day's Night features Ringo Starr playing bongos and claves in lieu of his traditional Ludwig drumkit?

And I Love Her
Can't Buy Me Love
I Should Have Known Better
Tell Me Why
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What actress was nominated for an Academy Award for her portrayal of gun-moll Bonnie Parker in the 1967 film Bonnie and Clyde?

Jane Fonda
Patty Duke
Faye Dunaway
Julie Christie
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The Bonomo Company, originally located in Coney Island, New York, became famous for manufacturing which of the following types of candy?

Chewing gum