Get Smarter Every Day With the New 2025 Mental Floss Amazing Facts Calendar

You’ll be a genius by the end of the year.
Treat yourself.
Treat yourself. / filo/DigitalVision Vectors via Getty Images (Background) // Amazon (Calendar)

Do you want to stuff your brain with information? Do you also have trouble remembering what day it is? Then you’re our target audience. The new 2025 edition of the Mental Floss Amazing Facts Calendar from our partners at Andrews McMeel Publishing is coming soon, and it might just be our best yet.

Each tear-off page of this 4.6-inch by 4.6 inch desktop calendar features fascinating details from history, pop culture, science, and more, all curated and culled from our Amazing Fact Generator.

Come January 31, 2025, for example, you’ll discover that non-violent prison escapes aren’t against the law in Mexico, Belgium, or the Netherlands. (You would, of course, still be on the hook for the crimes that put you there in the first place.) On Thanksgiving, you’ll note that Americans eat between 3000 and 5000 calories during the holiday. A random Tuesday might reveal sloths can hold their breath underwater for 40 minutes, or that clouds can weigh over 1 million pounds. You’ll never want for small talk during your next Hinge meet-up again.

You can pre-order the 2025 Amazing Facts Calendar right now for $18. It’s expected to ship in July 2024. You can also consider absorbing tons of knowledge for the remainder of this year with the 2024 edition.