Long before cars came with built-in TV screens, and streaming services let you download movies for offline viewing, kids passed many a road trip with round after round of the license plate game. If you’ve never played, the rules are pretty simple: Try to spot a license plate from as many different states as possible before you reach your destination. The winner is whoever scores the highest (or whoever reaches all 50 states first).

For anyone who has played the license plate game, this quiz might be a breeze. Each question gives you the name of a state and asks you to choose its corresponding license plate from five options. Although the state names have been erased from the plates, the designs themselves still offer useful clues. A few of them list the year that state was annexed, while others depict recognizable geographical features, landmarks, animals, or foods. Others include the state nickname, which can be helpful—the license plate that reads “Aloha State,” for example, is probably not Minnesota.

The quiz, created by vehicle leasing service Vanarama, comprises 10 questions, which change each time you play. In other words, you should definitely take it at least a few times to really show off all your state knowledge. After each question, it’ll reveal whether you’ve chosen correctly, highlight the right answer if need be, and give you a little background information about the license plate.

Try your hand at it below:

[h/t Vanarama.com]