14 Forgotten Fast Food Slogans

Fast food restaurants constantly change their slogans to get attention from new and hungry customers. Sometimes they’re memorable, like McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It” or “It’s Mac Tonight” campaigns, but sometimes they’re not quite so catchy. Here are 14 forgotten fast food slogans.



Introduced during the early 1980s, the slogan “McDonald’s and You” focused on all the good times and laughs you’d have at McDonald’s. The slogan was discontinued after one year.


In 1990, “Food, Folks and Fun” catered to children and pre-teens looking for all three in one magical place or Happy Meal. The slogan was short-lived, only lasting for a year.


McDonald’s used its “What You Want Is What You Get at McDonald’s Today” slogan throughout the mid-1990s. It emphasized hard work and community values. In the summer of 1994, McDonald’s played up its partnership with The Flintstones live-action movie when they briefly changed it to “What You Want Is What You Get at RocDonald's Today.”



Where’s Herb?” was a scavenger hunt contest to find Herb, a “nerd” visiting a Burger King in every state, giving away cash prizes and Whoppers. Burger King ran the contest throughout 1985.


From 1984 to 1986, “This is a Burger King Town!” was a slogan that emphasized small-town values and fast food.


During the late 1980s, Burger King introduced its “Fast Food For Fast Times” ad campaign that focused on fast-paced service and lifestyles.



Taco Bell urged customers to “Make a Run For The Border!" during the late 1980s and early 1990s. They nixed the campaign for the “Yo Quiero Taco Bell!” campaign during the latter half of the decade.


8. “What A Sandwich!"

Subway used the slogan “What A Sandwich!” briefly during the mid-90s. The sandwich shop used other short-lived slogans until they settled on their current one, “Eat Fresh.”


9. “Putt Putt to the Pizza Hut”

In 1966, Pizza Hut’s first national ad campaign—“Putt Putt to the Pizza Hut”—aired during halftime of the Notre Dame vs. Michigan State "Game of the Century." The slogan and commercial successfully ran for eight years.

Fun Fact: In 2002, Pizza Hut approached rock band Ween to write a jingle for a potential new slogan “Where'd The Cheese Go?” for their new stuffed-crust pizza. The song and slogan were rejected, but not before Gene and Dean Ween wrote an amazing jingle.



In 1972, Kentucky Fried Chicken introduced the slogan “Grab a Bucket of Chicken, Have a Barrel of Fun” to go along with the iconic “Finger Lickin’ Good!” catchphrase. KFC used it until the early 1980s, when “We Do Chicken Right” took over.

Fun Fact: Along with “Stuck on Band-Aid” and “Like A Good Neighbor,” Barry Manilow wrote the jingle for “Buy a Bucket of Chicken, Have a Barrel of Fun.”



In 2011, Long John Silver's launched “We Speak Fish” as their new slogan with an updated, more modern logo. The slogan was short-lived; it was replaced with “That's What I Like” the following year.



Introduced in 1986, the Noid was on a mission to ruin your pizza. And since Domino’s wants you to have the best pizza possible, they urged their customers to “Avoid the Noid” with a new slogan and mascot.


Domino’s discontinued their 30 minutes or less pizza delivery guarantee, but introduced the slogan “You Got 30 Minutes” to give customers the impression of the previous pledge and continued fast service.


14. “Buy ‘Em By the Sack”

White Castle was established in 1921 and their first slogan was “Buy ‘Em By the Sack.” Over the years, they used “What You Crave” as their slogan, while White Castle’s current motto is “The Crave Is A Powerful Thing.”

10 Wireless Chargers Designed to Make Life Easier

La Lucia/Moshi
La Lucia/Moshi

While our smart devices and gadgets are necessary in our everyday life, the worst part is the clumsy collection of cords and chargers that go along with them. Thankfully, there are more streamlined ways to keep your phone, AirPods, Apple Watch, and other electronics powered-up. Check out these 10 wireless chargers that are designed to make your life convenient and connected.

1. Otto Q Wireless Fast Charging Pad; $40

Otto Q Wireless Fast Charging Pad

Touted as one of the world's fastest chargers, this wireless model from Moshi is ideal for anyone looking to power-up their phone or AirPods in a hurry. It sports a soft, cushioned design and features a proprietary Q-coil module that allows it to charge through a case as thick as 5mm.

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2. Gotek Wireless Charging Music Station; $57

Gotek Wireless Charging Music Station
Rego Tech

Consolidate your bedside table with this clock, Bluetooth 5.0 speaker, and wireless charger, all in one. It comes with a built-in radio and glossy LED display with three levels of brightness to suit your style.

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3. BentoStack PowerHub 5000; $100 (37 percent off)

BentoStack PowerHub 5000

This compact Apple accessory organizer will wirelessly charge, port, and store your device accessories in one compact hub. It stacks to look neat and keep you from losing another small piece of equipment.

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4. Porto Q 5K Portable Battery with Built-in Wireless Charger; $85

Porto Q 5K Portable Battery with Built-in Wireless Charger

This wireless charger doubles as a portable battery, so when your charge dies, the backup battery will double your device’s life. Your friends will love being able to borrow a charge, too, with the easy, non-slip hook-up.

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5. 4-in-1 Versatile Wireless Charger; $41 (31 percent off)

4-in-1 Versatile Wireless Charger
La Lucia

Put all of those tangled cords to rest with this single, temperature-controlled charging stand that can work on four devices at once. It even has a built-in safeguard to protect against overcharging.

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6. GRAVITIS™ Wireless Car Charger; $20 (31 percent off)

GRAVITIS™ Wireless Car Charger

If you need to charge your phone while also using it as a GPS, this wireless device hooks right into the car’s air vent for safe visibility. Your device will be fully charged within two to three hours, making it perfect for road trips.

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7. Futura X Wireless 15W Fast Charging Pad; $35 (30 percent off)

Futura X Wireless 15W Fast Charging Pad

This incredibly thin, tiny charger is designed for anyone looking to declutter their desk or nightstand. Using a USB-C cord for a power source, this wireless charger features a built-in cooling system and is simple to set up—once plugged in, you just have to rest your phone on top to get it working.

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8. Apple Watch Wireless Charger Keychain; $20 (59 percent off)

Apple Watch Wireless Charger Keychain
Go Gadgets

This Apple Watch charger is all about convenience on the go. Simply attach the charger to your keys or backpack and wrap your Apple Watch around its magnetic center ring. The whole thing is small enough to be easily carried with you wherever you're traveling, whether you're commuting or out on a day trip.

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9. Wireless Charger with 30W Power Delivery & 18W Fast Charger Ports; $55 (38 percent off)

Wireless Charger from TechSmarter

Fuel up to three devices at once, including a laptop, with this single unit. It can wirelessly charge or hook up to USB and USB-C to consolidate your charging station.

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10. FurniQi Bamboo Wireless Charging Side Table; $150 (24 percent off)

FurniQi Bamboo Wireless Charging Side Table

This bamboo table is actually a wireless charger—all you have to do is set your device down on the designated charging spot and you're good to go. Easy to construct and completely discreet, this is a novel way to charge your device while entertaining guests or just enjoying your morning coffee.

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The Oldest Restaurant in Every Country, Mapped

So which one are you visiting first?
So which one are you visiting first?

New trendy restaurants pop up all the time, but there’s something extra-special about sitting down in a place that’s been around for a century or two. St. Peter Stiftskulinarium in Salzburg, Austria, has been around for more than 12.

Founded in 803, it’s the oldest operating restaurant in the world, according to a survey by online lender NetCredit. The second oldest, Wurtskuchl (or Sausage Kitchen) in Regensburg, Germany, didn’t enter the global eatery scene until a few hundred years later, in 1146. Of the top 10, Europe boasts an impressive eight entries, including Scotland’s Sheep Heid Inn, France’s La Couronne, and Wales’s aptly named The Old House. The fourth-place finisher, Ma Yu Ching’s Bucket Chicken House in Kaifeng, China, opened its doors in 1153; and Japan’s Honke Owariya, which began as a confectionery shop in 1465 before shifting its focus to soba, is in the ninth spot.

oldest restaurants in europe
The founders of Wales's "The Old House" must've known they'd end up on this map.

By comparison, North America’s oldest restaurants seem practically new. The longest-standing institution is Newport, Rhode Island’s White Horse Tavern, which a pirate named William Mayes founded in 1673. It quickly became the go-to venue for the city’s local government meetings, and it stayed in the Mayes family for the following two centuries.

Nearly 150 years after Mayes became a business owner, a hole-in-the-wall tamale shop with no name opened in Bogotá, Colombia, which locals began to call “La Puerta Falsa” after “the false door” set in the wall of a nearby cathedral. The name stuck, and the tiny restaurant now has the designation of being South America’s oldest.

map of south america's oldest restaurants
If you go to La Puerta Falsa, you've got to get a tamale.

Since the study is based solely on internet searches, the data isn’t totally comprehensive. If the researchers were unable to find online evidence of a country’s oldest restaurant, they grayed out the country. Tunisia’s El M’Rabet is Africa’s oldest restaurant on this map, for example, but it could easily be younger than an eatery in Libya or Sudan that simply doesn’t have an online presence through websites or social media.

map of africa's oldest restaurants
Chez Wou in Cameroon is best known for its ginger duck.

You can find out more about the survey here.