A Million Little Humiliations: The Sports Scandals Quiz

The sports pages are looking more and more like the police blotter, with wild charges from dogfighting to grand theft memorabilia. Baseball's greatest home run hitter is tied to steroids; football's greatest coach was caught cheating. Oh, and NBA games are fixed. But sports scandals are nothing new. How well do you remember incidents from yesteryear? Take the quiz, the let us know how you did.

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Which former All-Star was banned from baseball for his ties to Atlantic City's Claridge Resort & Casino?
Pete Rose
Mickey Mantle
Reggie Jackson
Dwight Gooden
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Which NFL star – who would later star in a TV show – was suspended for one season for betting on football?
Alex Karras (Webster)
Dick Butkus (My Two Dads)
Bob Golic (Saved By The Bell: The College Years)
O.J. Simpson (Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood)
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During the 2000 Summer Paralympics, ten of the twelve members of the Gold Medal-winning basketball team were revealed to have no disability. Which country were they (mis)representing?
United States
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Stealing your opponent's signals is not new. In fact, one of baseball's most famous home runs has been linked to sign-stealing. Can you guess which one?
Bobby Thompson's "Shot Heard 'Round The World" in 1951 for the New York Giants
Roger Maris' record-setting 61st homer in 1961 for the New York Yankees
Joe Carter's World Series-winning home run in 1993 for the Toronto Blue Jays
Aaron Boone's Game 7-winning HR over Boston in 2003 for the New York Yankees
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Which college football program was given the "death penalty" in 1987, resulting in the cancellation of the 1987 season and the loss of 55 scholarships?
Texas State University
University of Kentucky
Southern Methodist University
Auburn University
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How much was Formula One racing team McLaren fined after being caught spying on rival Ferrari in 2007?
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After being told by the commissioner to sell his share in a nightclub linked to gambling and organized crime, which player announced his retirement from the NFL?
Joe Namath
Barry Sanders
Terry Bradshaw
Roger Staubach
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Ty Cobb was quietly coerced into retirement in 1926 after allegations of which transgression?
Drug Use
Corking His Bat
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Which NFL team was fined and penalized draft picks for circumventing the salary cap during their Super Bowl championships?
New England Patriots
Dallas Cowboys
Washington Redskins
Denver Broncos
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Which college football coach was fired after punching an opposing player in the throat after said player intercepted a pass?
Paul "Bear" Bryant, Alabama
Hayden Fry, Iowa
Bo Schembechler, Michigan
Woody Hayes, Ohio State