Name all the Lucky Charms in 1 Minute

(This is just a test of a new quiz tool we're excited to start using. This may or may not be all the Lucky Charms. Stay tuned for more entertaining uses of this technology.)

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Name all the Lucky Charms in 1 Minute
Pink Hearts|Heart|Hearts|Pink Heart
Yellow Moons|Moons|Yellow moon|moon|blue moon|blue moons
Orange Stars|stars|orange star|star
Green Clovers|clovers|green clover|clover|four-leaf clover|four leaf clover
Blue Diamonds|diamonds|blue diamond|diamond
Purple Horseshoes|purple horseshoe|horseshoes|horseshoe|horse shoe|horse shoes|horse-shoes|horse-shoe
Red Balloons|balloons|red balloon|balloon
Rainbows|rainbow|pink, yellow and blue rainbows|pink rainbows|yellow rainbows|blue rainbows
Pots of Gold|gold pot|gold|pot of gold
Leprechaun Hats|leprechaun hat|leprachan hats|green leprechaun hats|green leprechaun hat
Shooting Stars|shooting star|star|stars