A Monty Python Quiz

The six men of “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” forged a remarkably influential comedy troupe with their willingness to combine highbrow literary and historical references with lowbrow silliness. So don’t stop being silly – see how you do with this quiz about one of the UK’s finest exports.

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Which member of Monty Python’s Flying Circus was American?
Terry Jones
Terry Gilliam
Eric Idle
Michael Palin
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What was the title of a Python sketch meant to be a film allegedly directed by Sam Peckinpah, which featured a group of 1920s swells getting impaled on tennis rackets and losing fingers on a piano?
“Sam Peckinpah’s Garden Party”
“Sam Peckinpah’s Salad Days”
“Sam Peckinpah’s ‘Brideshead
“Sam Peckinpah’s Deadly Game”
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In “Monty Python’s Meaning of Life,” what is the name of the obscenely obese man, played by Terry Jones, who explodes after finishing dinner with a “wafer-thin” cracker?
Mr. Creosote
Mr. Piranha
Mr. Percy
Aardvark P. Mengymengysupperwom-Smith
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“Monty Python’s Life of Brian” came about because of an offhand late-‘70s comment by Eric Idle, who said the troupe’s next film was going to be called what?
“Not the Bible”
“Monty Python Goes to Hell”
“Monty Python’s Christmas”
“Jesus Christ: Lust for Glory”
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In 1978, Eric Idle wrote and starred in “The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash,” a parody of both the Beatles and the documentary form. What Beatle had a small role in the film?
John Lennon
Paul McCartney
George Harrison
Ringo Starr
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The opening credits to “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” parody what other film?
“The Seventh Seal”
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Which knight in “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” encounters the Three-Headed Giant?
Sir Robin
Sir Lancelot
Sir Galahad
Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Film
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Which pair of Pythons engaged in the “Fish-Slapping Dance”?
Eric Idle and Terry Jones
Eric Idle and John Cleese
Michael Palin and John Cleese
Graham Chapman and Michael Palin
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In the famous “Parrot Sketch,” where was the parrot supposed to be from?
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Which one of these 1960s British shows did NOT feature a member of the Python troupe?
“Do Not Adjust Your Set”
“At Last the 1948 Show”
“I’m Sorry, I’ll Read That Again”
“That Was the Week That Was”
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Which Python member was a trained physician?
Graham Chapman
John Cleese
Terry Jones
Eric Idle
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In 1998, the surviving members of Python came to the Aspen Comedy Festival with the late Graham Chapman’s partner, David Sherlock. How was Chapman represented?
He wasn't
A military uniform on a hanger
An urn full of ashes
A toenail