The Office Quiz (U.S. Edition)

In honor of comedy in the workplace, waste a few minutes of company time with our Office quiz.

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Why does Pam refuse to attend sporting events with Roy?
She once was struck in the neck by a foul ball
Roy once left her at a hockey game
Roy insists on painting his face
When Roy's teams lose, he drives like a crazy person
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Why doesn't Michael take the sexual harassment video seriously?
It was filmed in Canada
It's not rated by the MPAA
It's shot with a single camera
It stars an actress Darryl slept with
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Which of the following cast members served as an intern for Late Night with Conan O'Brien?
John Krasinski ("Jim Halpert")
B.J. Novak ("Ryan Howard")
David Denman ("Roy Anderson")
Rainn Wilson ("Dwight Schrute")
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Which cast member is a former NFL cheerleader?
Rashida Jones ("Karen Filippelli")
Jenna Fischer ("Pam Beesley")
Kate Flannery ("Meredith Palmer")
Phyllis Smith ("Phyllis (Lapin) Vance")
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Michael attended high school with one of his employees. Which one?
Oscar Martinez
Toby Flenderson
Phyllis (Lapin) Vance
Stanley Hudson
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Complete this Michael Scott quote: "You know what they say in the Bible about forgiveness. ________________."
"Jesus was all about it."
"Forgiveness is next to Godliness."
"Forgive or we'll see you in hell."
"Just do it."
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After Dwight likens himself to Butch Cassidy, to whom does he compare Michael?
The Sundance Kid
Dick Cheney
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Where did Andy Bernard attend college?
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Complete this Michael Scott quote: "_________ is the new golf course. It's where business happens."
Sandals Resorts
The Radisson
The condo pool
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After the Fun Run to beat Rabies, to whom is the oversized check made out?
Michael Scott
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Which of the following cast members is NOT one of the show's writers?
B.J. Novak ("Ryan Howard")
Paul Lieberstein ("Toby Flenderson")
Phyllis Smith ("Phyllis (Lapin) Vance")
Mindy Kaling ("Kelly Kapoor")
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Which of the following costumes has Michael NOT worn for Halloween?
Uday Hussein
Monica Lewinsky
Janet Jackson's Boob
O.J. Simpson
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Before deciding on Scranton, which of the following cities did executive producer Greg Daniels consider as the setting for the series?
Glastonbury, Connecticut
Denville, New Jersey
Nashua, New Hampshire
Waltham, Massachusetts
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In one of Michael's confusing analogies, he is both Chandler and Joey. Pam is Rachel. Who is Dwight?
Mr. Furley
Cliff Clavin
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In the episode "Hot Girl" from season one, Amy Adams plays a purse saleswoman who sets up shop in the conference room. Dwight is smitten, saying she hits everything on his checklist. Which of the following characteristics is NOT on Dwight's checklist?
Straight teeth
Child-bearing hips
Creamy skin
Amazing breasts
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What's the name of Michael's screenplay, which Pam finds in his drawer?
Agent Michael Scarn
Prognosis Negative
Threat Level: Midnight
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In the 2005 episode "The Dundies," who wins the "Hottest in the Office" award?
Karen Filippelli
Pam Beesley
Ryan Howard
Michael Scott