The Simpsons Softball Quiz

Today's quiz celebrates the most doomed squad in history—Mr. Burns’ collection of all-star ringers brought in to play for the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant’s softball nine. Do you remember what ultimately sidelined each player?

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Wade Boggs, 3B

He was knocked out by Barney during a "Tastes Great/Less Filling" debate.
He was knocked out by Barney during an argument over England’s greatest prime minister.
He was knocked out by Barney after criticizing President Bush's appointment of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court.
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Jose Canseco, LF

He was delayed after rescuing a woman and all of her possessions from a fire.
He ran into Madonna and never made it to the game.
He let his twin brother Ozzie fill in for him.
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Mike Scioscia, C

He suffered from acute radiation poisoning.
He was shot by Groundskeeper Willie in a hunting accident.
He left the team to attend Fernando Valenzuela's wedding.
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Ozzie Smith, SS

He was driven from Springfield by Rev. Lovejoy, who called "The Wizard" a false prophet.
He tried one of his signature back flips, and failed miserably.
He was trapped in the Springfield Mystery Spot.
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Don Mattingly, 1B

He was kicked off the team for allegedly having sideburns.
He was placed on the 15-Day Disabled List with back spasms.
He was ordered back to New York by George Steinbrenner.
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Darryl Strawberry, RF

He had a mental breakdown and quit after Bart started a "Dar-ryl" chant.
He hit nine home runs in the game, but was benched in favor of a pinch hitter in the final inning.
He got in a fight with Keith Hernandez, who was at the game cheering for Shelbyville.
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Steve Sax, 2B

He quit the team after losing the ability to throw the ball to first base.
He was imprisoned for a string of unsolved New York crimes.
He became violently ill after eating a Krusty Burger.
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Ken Griffey, Jr., CF

He slipped in the shower and broke both wrists.
He left the team to help Ned Flanders save the ozone layer.
He suffered from gigantism after overdosing on nerve tonic.
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Roger Clemens, P

He was hypnotized into thinking he was a chicken.
He was ejected before the game for arguing with the ump about a parking spot.
He was poisoned by Moe, who put something in Roger's drink.