The Also-Rans

Now that Barack Obama has all but sealed up the Democratic nomination, the two major competitors for the presidential race are set. A year from now, either Obama or John McCain will be president and the other will be that guy who was almost president. It's easy for the presidential losers to fall into obscurity...until now. In 5 minutes, can you name the last 10 presidential also-rans (starting with the 1968 race)? Last names will suffice, but feel free to give the candidates' full name if you know it.

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The Also-Rans
John Kerry|Kerry
Al Gore|Gore
Bob Dole|Dole
George Bush|George H. W. Bush|George H W Bush|George Bush Sr.|Bush|Bush Sr.|George Bush Sr|Bush Sr
Michael Dukakis|Dukakis
Walter Mondale|Mondale
Jimmy Carter|Carter
Gerald Ford|Ford
George McGovern|McGovern
Hubert Humphrey|Humphrey