The Soup: The Quiz

Here at mental_floss headquarters, The Soup is one of our favorite shows. If you call yourself a fan of Joel McHale and his antics, let's see how you do on today's quiz.

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Before undergoing a very welcome name change early in production, what was The Soup initially called when it debuted in July 2004?
I'm Just Sayin'
The Joel McHale Show
What the...? Awards
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Which of these popular television shows did Aisha Tyler not appear on following her hosting duties on Talk Soup?
The West Wing
CSI: Miami
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What phrase accompanies the Chat Stew segment's introduction?
"Soooo juicy"
"Soooo chunky"
"Soooo meaty"
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Where was The Soup host Joel McHale born?
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Which of the following segments is not one of the show's staple features?
What The Kids Are Watching
Tales From Home Shopping
Why Andy Rooney Is Crazy
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What is the name of The Soup's chihuahua mascot?
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Talk Soup featured a recurring sock-puppet character named:
Mr. Sock
Professor Sock
Senor Sock
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From which college did Joel McHale graduate?
University of Washington
Ohio State
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Which of the following people did not enjoy a stint as host of Talk Soup?
Joe Rogan
Hal Sparks
John Henson
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Former Talk Soup anchor Greg Kinnear was nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Actor in a Supporting Role category for his performance in which movie?
You've Got Mail
As Good As It Gets
Little Miss Sunshine
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Which fast food chain did Joel McHale shill for prior to landing more substantial acting work?
Taco Bell
Jack in the Box
Burger King