Lost in Translation: The Lost Name Quiz

Watching Lost can sometimes feel like taking a university class, what with all the allusions to literature, philosophy, music, Buddhism, Christianity, politics, comic books and countless other subjects being thrown around. And nowhere are these references more ubiquitous than in the character names. At this point, it feels like every character's name has some deep significance behind it. How much do you know about the people behind these names?

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On Lost, John Locke is the survivor who instantly buys into the island and its mystical powers. His name is directly lifted from the English philosopher who preached individual rights and reason. Which of these works was not written by the philosopher Locke?
An Essay Concerning Human Understanding
The Reasonableness of Christianity
Discourse on the Arts and Sciences
Two Treatises of Government
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Dr. Juliet Burke is a fertility doctor who worked with the Others on the island before joining up with the Oceanic gang. But she’s not the only Dr. Burke on TV. What other show has a Dr. Burke?
Grey's Anatomy
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Daniel Faraday, a scientist from the freighter, has presumably come to the island to investigate the magnetic forces, a nod to the scientist Michael Faraday, who studied electromagnetism. Besides his work with the Faraday cage, chemistry, light, magnetism, electricity and just about every other field of science, what public work did Faraday perform?
He oversaw a project that equipped every British military building with a room protected by a Faraday cage, in case an enemy created an electromagnetic weapon
He helped design and build three orphanages in London after spending his childhood in one
He wrote a detailed report on coal mine explosions to help prevent any more mining disasters
On two separate occasions, he rescued children from drowning
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One-eyed and seemingly death-resistant Other Mikhail Bakunin is named after the Russian revolution famous for the theory of collective anarchism. How does collective anarchism differ from anarchist Communism?
Under collective anarchism, there is still a distinct class division, though the lower classes are given equal representation in the government
Under collective anarchism, money is distributed based on need
Under collective anarchism, all workers are required to serve in the military
Under collective anarchism, wages are distributed according to work
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According to producers, how did ghost-whisperer and freighter arrival Miles Straume get his name?
The character’s unpredictability and ability to riff on other characters reminded them of Miles Davis
The name sounds like "maelstrom"
He’s named after Miles Stroom, a famous ghost whisperer
Straume is a city in Norway where showrunner Damon Lindelof's family is from
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Charlotte Staples Lewis, an anthropologist that came over on the freighter, is named after the author of what series of fantasy novels?
Harry Potter
Left Behind
The Chronicles of Narnia
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Between conning Locke out of his kidney and pushing him out of a window, Anthony Cooper is the worst father on a show riddled with bad dads. In real life, how was Cooper’s namesake, Anthony Ashley-Cooper, related to the philosopher John Locke?
Cooper, the Earl of Shaftesbury, was one of Locke’s patrons
Cooper was Locke’s father
Cooper, a priest, discouraged Locke from publishing and spreading his beliefs, which in turn motivated Locke to double his efforts
Cooper and Locke weren’t alive at the same time, but Cooper published several pamphlets denouncing Locke’s tabula rasa theory
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The fourth season saw the introduction of Matthew Abbadon. Viewers don’t know much about him, but it’s a safe bet that he’s bad news because of his last name, which comes from the Hebrew word "avaddon." What does “avaddon” mean?
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Ben Linus has emerged as one of the central characters in the Lost mythology, quite a feat, considering he was initially only signed on for a few episodes. Back in those days, Ben was known as Henry Gale, an allusion to what character from the Wizard of Oz?
The Wizard
Dorothy's deceased father
Dorothy's uncle
The Tin Man's owner
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Danielle Rousseau was discovered in the first season after having lived on the island for 16 years. Her name is a reference to Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the philosopher famous for what idea?
The Social Contract
Tabula Rasa
Collective Anarchism
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The season 4 finale saw the introduction of Jeremy Bentham, another philosopher reference. However, the character Bentham has a direct reference to the real Bentham’s life. What was it?
Bentham was an opponent of John Locke’s idea of natural rights; on Lost, Bentham has a lengthy argument over Locke’s leadership style
Bentham’s body was preserved in a box and kept on display at University College in London; on Lost, Bentham was only seen in a coffin
Bentham was famous for his idea of the Panopticon prison, where all of the prisoners could be watched; on Lost, it is revealed that Bentham has secretly been observing the lives of everyone on the island
Bentham was an advocate of animals’ rights; on Lost, Bentham is captured by the Others while walking Vincent, a dog belonging to the castaways