Arrested Development II

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When Tobias runs out of blue paint during his Blue Man Group phase, what substitute material does he use to cover himself?
Calamine Lotion
Shaving Cream
Diamond Cream
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When GOB applies ether to Franklin's mouth to try and abduct Lucille, which of the following people does GOB NOT knock out?
George, Sr.
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During Spring Break, Lindsay reveals a shocking secret about Phillip Litt (Zach Braff), the producer of Girls With Low Self-Esteem. What is the secret?
He's a Nevernude
He's a woman
He was kicked out of the Magician's Alliance
He's Ann's real father
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When GOB produces the most embarrassing campaign video in the history of the world for George Michael's run for class president, what does the entire student body see at the tape's conclusion?
Buster performing scenes from Chicago
Footage of George Michael and Lucille at Motherboy XXX
George Michael replicating "moves" from Star Wars
A GOB and Wife of GOB sex tape
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In exchange for a signed release that will allow Carl Weathers to use the Bluth family for a "Scandalmakers" episode, which role in the show does Carl promise Tobias?
George, Sr.
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When Lucille kidnaps George Michael so he can compete with her in Motherboy XXX, which of these costumes is NOT one of their wardrobe changes prior to the event?
Sonny and Cher
Peter Pan and Captain Hook
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When Maeby is working as a big-time movie producer, she unwittingly receives a green light for the classic Ernest Hemingway novella The Old Man and the Sea. The studio, however, ultimately decides to release it under which altered title?
The Man vs. The Loose Seal
A Dude and His Fish
A Taste for Mammal Blood
The Young Man and the Beach
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What physical problem does Uncle Jack's personal assistant "Dragon" suffer from that makes him a less-than-efficient attendant?
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What do Maeby and Michael stick all over GOB's suit at the company Christmas party?
Post-It Notes
Gift ribbons
Holiday balloons
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For what horrendously botched magic act does GOB finally land himself on the cover of Poof, accompanied by the headline, "Poof Goof of the Year"?
The Aztec Tomb
The Coffin act
Baking himself into a loaf of bread
The Sword of Destiny
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When Tobias and Lindsay decide to pursue an open relationship, Lindsay develops a thing for a famous actor who is researching a role as a homeless man. What's the actor's name?
Tom Wonder
Bob Loblaw
Kevin Fay
Tom Jane
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Which Bryan Adams song does GOB dedicate to Michael on the Franklin Comes Alive! album?
Cuts Like a Knife
(Everything I Do) I Do It For You
Summer of '69